RF Treatments: faqs

What are the advantages of TriPollar’s focused radiofrequency (RF) energy treatments?

TriPollar treatments use multiple electrodes (3+). The RF energy is focused and centered between the three electrodes, which controls and limits the delivery of energy to the treatment area. This process of focused RF energy produces excellent long-lasting results and immediate visible results from the 1st treatment. It also enables the use of relatively low power for tissue heating, resulting in a safe, pain-free, very pleasant treatment experience.

How hot will my skin get during a TriPollar treatment?

The optimal skin temperature for the RF treatment is between 40° and 42° C (approx. 104° F). This temperature needs to be maintained for the indicated exposure time. A non-contact infrared thermometer is used throughout the procedure to monitor the skin temperature.

What are typical results with the TriPollar treatments?

Clinical trials for TriPollar RF treatments have demonstrated average reduced belly circumference of 4.5 cm ± 2.7; average reduced thigh circumference of 2.4 cm ±2.0; average reduced buttocks circumference of 3.1 cm ±1.7; and average reduced arm circumference of 2.1 ± 0.7 cm.

How can I obtain the best TriPollar RF treatment results?

Maximum results are achieved through the optimal combination of skin temperature and exposure time – the TriPollar endpoint. Once the required temperature is achieved the goal is to maintain that temperature for a few minutes, depending on the reaction of the skin and the size of the treatment area. (In a few cases, reaching the optimal temperature is sometimes accompanied by slight redness and swelling.)

What are the side effects of TriPollar treatments and are there any negative side effects?

Side effects are minimal. Many individuals come in for treatment over their lunch hour, but there is a possibility of slight redness and swelling following the TriPollar treatment session. Typically, these symptoms are minimal and will disappear within two hours. In rare cases, a residual redness and swelling could persist for between 1 and 2 days, in which case soothing agents can be applied.

How does the body eliminate the fat ‘melted’ during TriPollar treatments?

The TriPollar treatment selectively heats the fat cells in the deep and superficial adipose layers simultaneously. Heating the fat cells increases their natural metabolism, resulting in increased secretion of fatty acids into the surrounding extra-cellular space. The heating also increases the blood circulation in the area, accelerating metabolism that physically helps the blood and lymphatic system dispose of the fatty acids naturally.

Will the heat feel more intense over bony areas?

There is a possibility of enhanced heat sensation near bony areas. This is because skin is thinner adjacent to bones. However this is tolerated well by clients.

Does the size of the treatment area determine the type of applicator used?

Yes, the size of the treatment area determines which applicator is used. The large applicator should not be used on the face and neck as it is intended for large areas and longer treatment time. The medium-sized applicator is designed to treat smaller treatment areas of the body and is suitable for the face and neck. The Apollo device enables treatment of very small facial areas using the small applicator.

Is there a cool-down period during the TriPollar treatment?

There is no need to allow for cooling with TriPollar treatments. Pollogen has developed an electronic control mechanism that rotates between the three electrodes to prevent overheating of any one electrode. This makes it a safer treatment protocol.

Why is glycerin used during TriPollar treatments?

Glycerin was found to be the most suitable material due to its high resistance to RF. It allows the RF to penetrate to the deep layers while protecting the epidermal layer from becoming overheated or harmed. Glycerin is also widely used in the cosmetics industry as a safe and beneficial component. Glycerin also helps the applicator glide comfortably over the skin and keeps it feeling cool.