We Strive to Make You Successful!


We understand the frustrations of being overweight and feeling that it’s a losing battle. At Arize Clinic many of our clients tell us that we are their last hope. They have tried every diet imaginable and everything has failed them. It’s understandable because the success rate with traditional diets, where you are eating less than what your body needs, is less than 5%! Traditional weight loss is a slow, painful and repetitive event.

The Arize Clinic Weight Loss program is NOT traditional!

The Arize Clinic Program is a revolutionary way to lose weight quickly, safely and naturally. We do it through metabolism-boosting natural supplements, a nutritionally dense meal plan of whole foods and finally expert nutritional support and guidance.

The Arize Clinic Program is not just about losing weight. It’s about maximizing weight loss, regaining your health and gaining the knowledge to keep it off. What starts as an event becomes an amazing, self-affirming journey!

What You Can Expect

Strong personal commitment is important because all changes, even those that affect your health and appearance, require determination and focus. Once you have taken the first step “Visualize” – you have decided and are committed to losing weight Arize Clinic can change your life – quickly.

  • Arize Clinic staff are warm and focused on addressing your needs.
  • During your consultation, every effort will be made to ensure we understand your medical background, weight loss experience, weight -health goals and any special requirements.
  • We will discuss our core program, how it works and what is required of you; so that you are empowered to make an informed decision about this life-changing program. We call this “Maximize” – for maximizing your weight loss, regaining your health and confidence.
  • Once you start the program, the first 3-5 days can be the most challenging as your body goes through withdrawal from the ‘American’ diet. Don’t worry! These few days will pass quickly and in the next 3-5 days you will be amazed how much better you feel! Your body will respond very quickly to this positive change. Clients often say that they feel as though “a fog has lifted” or they “haven’t felt this good in years”.
  • During your program, you will come in for weekly, 20-minute, follow up appointments* at which time we will:
    • weigh you
    • measure you
    • take your vitals
    • review your meal journal and assess any adjustments to maximize your weight loss
    • review a key factor that affects weight loss and weight gain, so you will leave more aware and informed
    • these appointments are friendly, personal and never judgmental.
  • You will have great weeks. Then you will have weeks when “life happens” . . . where we learn and move on. But most importantly, you will move into the “Realize” phase where you will achieve both weight loss and renewed health.
  • Once you achieve your weight loss goals, your transition to “off program” weight management begins. This is the “Capitalize” phase when your weight-health success inspires you to maintain your weight while setting new health goals.
  • Now you have the opportunity to do bi-weekly, express follow ups to keep you on track and monthly Health Coaching sessions to explore existing issues or expand into new health areas that are important to you.

The Arize Clinic program is designed to be a journey because it works for you and not a diet event because it doesn’t.

*Ala carte programs do not include follow ups. Off program follow ups are bi-weekly.