The Mechanics of Gaining Weight

To understand how the Arize program works, we first need to talk about three things that cause us to gain weight: Body Fat, Our Food Supply and Traditional Diets.

Body Fat

Our body is designed to protect us by making and storing fat. For this reason it does not want to lose fat. Fat is an energy reservoir that ensures our survival in periods of famine or sickness. This worked well 200, 500 or 1,000 years ago when food wasn’t plentiful and healthcare was not available. Without famine and today’s modern medicine, our body’s design works against us.

Fact: Today the average American is more than 23lbs. overweight

Our Food Supply

Our busy lives have us eating man-made “non-foods” that are processed, chemical filled, calorically dense and nutritional deficient. The foods we eat today have been purposefully engineered to taste good and get quickly converted into body fat so we eat more. We know our car would run poorly with the wrong type of gasoline or something other than gasoline. The same is true of our bodies. When we put the wrong type of food or non-foods into it our weight and health suffers. Real food looks the same as when it came out of the ground, walked the earth or swam in the ocean.

Fact: 120 years ago the average American consumed 10-12lbs. of sugar per year. Today Americans consume more than 165lbs. of sugar per person each year.

Traditional Diets

Traditional diets are defined as any diet that has you eating fewer calories than what your body needs. When you go on one of these diets your body’s survival design will respond by slowing your metabolism so it can function on fewer calories and eventually the amount of calories you are eating. This makes you feel like you have no energy and slows your weight loss. As your body does not want to release fat, it will begin converting (eating) your lean tissue (muscle) into calories to provide additional calories. A traditional diet will always keep you hungry, because you aren’t getting enough calories, you will have no energy, and your metabolism and muscle mass will be reduced! With a decreased metabolism and less muscle mass you will gain weight easier after traditional diets and it will be harder to lose weight in the future.

Fact: Sugar, Fat and Salt all trigger low grade addictions and chemical responses in brain that make us eat more.