Explore & Nourish

Where are all my travel buddies at?

This last week one of our very own went off to explore Puerto Rico! Sharon, is our adventurer and nature lover. She can tell you about all the awesome things she did on her trip but what you’ll want to know is how she ate. Is it possible to enjoy new cultures & maintain your healthy lifestyle?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Traveling can be overwhelming as you plan and execute all the details that go into your travels. Food is usually the last thing on our minds. “I’ll eat when I get there.” Right? How  much will power will you have when you’re starving and your only option right then and there is a chocolate muffin?

Set your self up for success. I tell this to all our patients struggling with not being prepared for those temptations.

I stash snacks in my car, my purse, my diaper bag, my pantry, my office, my friends houses. You name it. I don’t want to be tempted. & if I am I don’t want to succumb to it.

Traveling is no different. Do not rely on other establishments to provide you with the choices you know you need.

Pack your go to snacks, for the airport and your first couple days. Bring water & refill it often. Go to the grocery store as soon as you get to your destination and stash your snacks just like you do at home. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are what I would have if I were home. Nothing changes there.

My favorite part of traveling is the food. New foods. Foods rich in someone else’s culture. I want to try that!

Most of the time, that means they aren’t the healthier options when we sit down for supper.

This is what I do – I make special requests. I ask the local chefs to make me a sampler dish with their favorite recipes (usually two or three bites worth) & I share my supper with my travel buddies. Now, I’m satisfying my adventurous desire to be cultural – while not over consuming or flooding my body with sugars.

Add in the walking and hiking I do on trips & those suppers are nothing!

The biggest tip I can give you for traveling is preparation. Don’t allow yourself to be in a situation where you’re likely to make bad choices. Be prepared. Pick snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated, snacks with protein, snacks you can carry, snacks that will last you. And even if all you do is snack all day – that’s okay. I’m snacking for supper – because I know at the end of the day I’m going to try some new things and they may not be the healthiest.

Indulge yourself – Don’t lose yourself

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