What is a Nutritarian?


There’s this new to us thing – Nutritarian.

Can we talk about this? Because I had no idea it was a thing until it’s recent appearance on social medias.

I had to do some reading to understand. I hope you will too.

A Nutritarian is someone who bases their dieting decisions on those foods that have the most micro-nutrients per calorie.

Okay but seriously, what does that mean? I asked the same thing.

So, there’s a distinction between macro and micro nutrients. Macro is bigger nutrients like carbs, fats and proteins. Micro nutrients are smaller nutrients like vitamins and minerals, fiber and phytochemicals.



& there it is – Nutritarian’s put their nutritional emphasis on vitamins and minerals. That’s pretty cool actually. What that really means is that Nutritarian’s place more emphasis on the components that heal and repair – than they do on the elements we are taught about our whole lives.


Let us pause and soak in these wonderful photographs. Ones I wish I could take credit for. In my research I came across a woman named, Kristen, who became a Nutritarian and documented her journey. Her website is extremely informational, with amazing nutritional facts and support.

Follow her at & thanks for letting us share your photographs Kristen!


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The term Nutritarian comes from Dr. Furhman, the guy that distinguished the things that break this type of eating away from other fads. He’s written a book called “Eat to Live” that encompasses the nitty gritty of being a Nuritarian and what that really means. Often times, this book is huge inspiration for people who become Nutritarian’s. This type of eating is most closely related to Veganism. The diets are similar in most ways but differ in where they find most of their nutrients and what they each avoid.

This is what you’ve been waiting for…

What do Nutritarians eat:

Eat these as much as you want:

  • all raw vegetables (goal 1 lb.)
  • cooked green and non-green nutrient-rich vegetables (goal: 1 lb.)
  • beans, legumes, bean sprouts, and tofu (goal: 1 cup)
  • fresh fruit (min. 4 daily)


  • cooked starchy vegetables and whole grains (max. 1 cup)
  • raw nuts and seeds (max 1 oz.)
  • avocado (max 2 oz.)
  • dried fruit (max 2 tbsp.)
  • ground flaxseeds (max 1 tbsp.)

Do Not Eat:

  • dairy
  • meat / Animal products
  • between-meal snacks
  • fruit juice
  • oils
  • added salt


Oil is the big kicker here. And for most of us that is a huge adjustment, learning to cook with oil substitutes can be hard for those of us who grew up with only oils. But it can be done and the health benefits are bountiful!

How does this compare with the Arize nutrition plan?

At Arize we’re here to get you started on your journey to better health. Our nutrition plan is also designed to help you lose weight so we suggest you stay away from dairies, alcohol and fatty foods (good and bad). Actually, we are very strict in our meal plans and to detox your body while rebooting your metabolism we limit you to only fresh fruits, veggies and lean meats. You can do our program as a Nutritarian and Vegan – we have substitutes for all the things you wouldn’t eat. When you transition into your maintenance phase and you learn how to incorporate some of the good foods we limited you on, you get to add back into your meals the good fats and dairies if you choose. Continuing with our meal plans and any that are Nutritarian or Vegan will help you sustain your weight loss and your gained health.

Let’s be clear here. Arize approved, Nutritarian or Vegan – these are all healthy ways to eat. The differences between them are fueled by personal preferences.