Vitamin B12

B vitamins are a group of water soluble vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism. Specifically, Vitamin B12 is involved in the cellular metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids (or fats). In addition to supporting fat burning, Vitamin B12 also plays in important role in:

  • Nerve Cell Health
  • Neurological Function
  • Energy Production
  • Immune System Health

As an all-natural and homeopathic practice, Arize Clinic only offers Methylcobalamin, which is the most potent form of Vitamin B12 found in nature. Methylcobalamin is a biologically active form of B12 and is pre-methylated, meaning that it’s ready for your body’s biochemistry to put to immediate use in helping to burn fat.

In addition to fat burning, Methlycobalamin provides a boost of energy and alertness. It is most effective when administered via an injection, where the vitamin bypasses the digestive tract and goes right into the bloodstream.

Cyanocobalamin, which is the more commonly found version of Vitamin B12, is a synthetic, inactive form of Vitamin B12. It does not occur in nature, but is used in many pharmacuticals and supplements because of its low cost.