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Shame Game.

We need to talk about shame. How we correlate shame with weight & how we need to stop. We’ve been taught the absolute wrong things about diet. We’ve been tricked into thinking things are good for us, even that we need them – when the only weight they hold belongs to our government. As our […]

What is a Nutritarian?

  There’s this new to us thing – Nutritarian. Can we talk about this? Because I had no idea it was a thing until it’s recent appearance on social medias. I had to do some reading to understand. I hope you will too. A Nutritarian is someone who bases their dieting decisions on those foods […]

Spring Newsletter.

Spring is in full swing! We’re recovering from Easter, hoping all y’all enjoyed family fun festivities and that you loved yourself most importantly. After all, He died for us & has Risen! Check out our Spring Newsletter here: Winter Newsletter Stay caught up on all the new things we’ve got going on & get excited […]

Explore & Nourish

Where are all my travel buddies at? This last week one of our very own went off to explore Puerto Rico! Sharon, is our adventurer and nature lover. She can tell you about all the awesome things she did on her trip but what you’ll want to know is how she ate. Is it possible […]