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Asian Diet vs American Diet

Check out the following interesting facts comparing the Asian (Chinese) diet to the American diet. FAT – Chinese eat half the fat of Americans PROTEIN – Chinese eat about one third less protein than Americans CARBOHYDRATES – Americans eat 30% less carbohydrates than people in China do FIBER – Americans eat 70% less fiber , […]

Alarming Prediction for 2020

In 1985 less than 24% of the total population was overweight or obese and type II diabetes was considered an adult-only disease! Scientists predict that by the year 2020, the obesity epidemic will be far more dire situation than it is today. 83% of men and 72% of women will be overweight or obese by […]

Weight Health Interesting Facts #2

Happy Friday everyone! We hope everything is going your way and you’re excited for the weekend! Through this post we’d like to let you know that starting Monday will be a special blogging event where a young woman going through our program will post about the process and her experiences. Until then we’d like to […]

Weight Health Interesting Facts #1

When you’re trying to become healthy it’s important to keep informed.  Knowledge is power, right? So we’ve compiled a few interesting facts about weight health to keep you in the know! Facts Average America carries an extra 23lbs. One in five American four-year-olds is now considered to be obese. On average, an obese person pays […]

Recipe: Chicken Salsa

There is a common misconception that when you eat healthier you sacrifice taste. That is not the case! We will post some healthy, tastebud-friendly recipes that you can make at home! We hope you enjoy this meal!