Shame Game.

We need to talk about shame.

How we correlate shame with weight & how we need to stop.


We’ve been taught the absolute wrong things about diet. We’ve been tricked into thinking things are good for us, even that we need them – when the only weight they hold belongs to our government. As our weight rises in this country, our shame follows – because our thoughts on dieting aren’t consistent to a healthy lifestyle. We aren’t typically taught how to be healthy for life. We’re taught how to lose weight fast, wash and repeat.

The reality is – although there are tons of ways out there to lose weight, take this pill, cut that out, don’t eat carbs, only shakes yada yada – the part we’re missing is longevity. This is why diets fail us. Our goals are short term and superficial. We all want to look good and we want it now – because it makes us attractive.

We should be focused on being healthier. On consuming foods that take care of us. Our weight is a reflection of those things but what we eat is much more than a number on the scale. It’s how our skin glows, our hair grows, our joints feel, our teeth shine and how our body repairs itself. When we find that desire to want to heal ourselves we begin to struggle with shame more. Because changing your lifestyle isn’t easy. It’s for the rest of your life. To re-teach yourself to say no to those sugary foods that taste so good, to open your mind to foods you’ve never heard of, to learn to cook differently. It’s an uphill battle in our society and it’s likely that we get a hang on it and then we fail. It’s that mind set that we only need to change temporarily.


Stop feeling ashamed.


 Be empowered by your drive to continue towards a healthier you despite your falls. At Arize, we want you to walk into our clinic excited about your future – not ashamed that you may have made some mistakes. Because we all make them, we all struggle daily to make the healthier choice. And we don’t always make those choices. But when we don’t, we have time to reflect on how it made us feel – a temporary high followed by a low devoured in a miserable feeling. Use those feelings, the feelings those foods you wanted so badly gave to you, to remind you next time you’re feeling like you want them that they aren’t really worth it. And if you fail, TRY AGAIN. Keep trying. Until it sticks. Because it will eventually. And our hope is that we can help you make it stick, that we can motivate you to stick to your goals. There’s no shame here. Small victories are still victories and we can’t wait to share in those with you!