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How Our Weight Loss Plan Works: Eat More, Weigh Less. Just imagine, to weigh less, you need to eat more. It is surprisingly true! With Arize weight loss, you eat real food. … [Read More...]


RF Skin Tightening Treatments

Radio Frequency laser technology is a safe and relaxing technology that stimulates the underlying structure of the skin, causing it to tighten and produce more collagen, which is … [Read More...]



Lipotropic compounds help to burn fat by aiding in the removal of or decreasing the amount of fat in the liver. Their fat metabolizing qualities provide a non-invasive form of … [Read More...]

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At the Arize Clinic, we are continuously focused on improving the value of our products and services under the Arize brand. Our customers can always expect equal or better results … [Read More...]


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This Groupon offer is for existing or new clients. You may purchase only ONE deal for yourself and only ONE deal for a friend – NO EXCEPTIONS. … [Read More...]